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Shan Primrose is a Burmese-Australian multidisciplinary creative living on Awabakal land (Newcastle), originally from Boonwurrung country (The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria).


She has been making and teaching for over a decade. Her primary practises include drawing and painting on paper, canvas and found objects. She also designs digitally, and hosts workshops for young people and adults.


She completed her Bachelor of Visual Art and Design at ACU in 2018, and in 2019 she undertook an Artist Residency in Puebla, Mexico. Here she began exploring self-identity and the complexities of her own cultural background through painting a series of 5 large scale works.

In May 2023 she embarked on a second overseas residency in Naples, Italy for 3 weeks. In this time she developed her practise with the use of new mediums and techniques.


She also used this time to expand on past themes, this time focusing on the concepts of identification, race, class, nationalism, eurocentrism and cultural exchange. 

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