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Print of Shanprimroseart's Acrylic painting 'Las Mujeres' from her Mexico Series. Painted in Puebla, Mexico in July 2019. 200GSM paper.
“Las Mujeres” translates to “The Women” in Spanish.
This was the first piece of my Mexico series and is
my interpretation of the roles of Mexican women in
pre-Hispanic times.
This work pays homage to one of my favourite
paintings “My Nurse and I”, by Friday Kahlo, painted
in 1937. My version depicts my mother holding me.
Throughout the painting I have incorporated a range
of symbols and icons that represent the many
different roles of women at the time.
In Pre-Hispanic Mexico, Many women were seen as
warriors for their body's ability to bare children.
‘Dying in battle and dying in childbirth elevated men
and women respectfully’.
Women also engaged in domestic labour, weaving,
tending to animals and cooking. When a girl was born
her umbilical cord was buried under the house to
symbolise unity.

'Las Mujeres' Print (1/5)

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