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Print of Shanprimroseart's Acrylic painting 'Surrealismo' from her Mexico Series. Painted in Puebla, Mexico in July 2019. 200GSM Paper.
This piece is inspired by all the
Mexican surrealists and muralists
that have inspired me throughout my
artistic journey, including the many
new artists I discovered while
visiting galleries in Mexico.
Artists such as Maria Izquierdo,
Leona Carrington, Juan O’Gorman,
Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Bridget
Bate-Tichenor and Angelina Beloff
have each had a significant influence
on my art.
As Surrealism and Muralism are two of
my favourite artistic movements,
Mexico was the perfect place to visit
and I will always cherish every
minute of my experience.

'Surrealismo' Print (5/5)

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